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1918 Detroit Electric Car


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  • Year-1918 Detroit Electric - Four Passenger Brougham Coupe
  • Model - 75B - Type 19B - No. 11853
  • Owner - Robert & Feryl Giesen, Wichita, KS
  • Acquired - 1981 from the Alvin King Museum, Hesston, KS
  • Body & Paint Work - Rusty Southard, Wichita, KS
  • Interior - Tom Richardson, Richardson Upholstery, Wichita, KS
  • Power Sourc - Fourteen Six Volt Deep Cycle Trojan Bateries - 260 Ampere-Hours Each - Operating Voltage 84 Volts.
  • Battery Charging - Six to Eight Hours Fully Charged Depending on the Distance Driven.
  • Power & Control - An Elwell-Parker 5-8 Horsepower Direct Current Electric Motor with a Five Spped Elwell-Parker Drum Switch.
  • Speeds - Five Speed Drum Switch with Running Speeds of 6-23 Miles Per Hour - Distance per Chargeof Approximately 65 - 85 Miles.
  • Cost New -$1,975 - Was purchased by many Doctors for transportation and was known as a Doctors Car or a Ladies Car. In 1918, 1,139 units were manufactured. The selling points of this car when new; it was a Full Vision Easy Ride vehicle. It did not have to be cranked or run on petroleum fuel.